Say NO to procrastination.

NodLock is the secret to more productive study sessions. With NodLock, you're virtually surrounded by fellow students who are studying round the clock! Bring a friend or two to join the study room and help us grow our community.

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Mirroring is the behavior in which one person unconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another. Here, when you see other students studying/coding you too will feel the subconscious pressure to do the same.


Accountability is taking or being assigned responsibility for something you are supposed to do. Here too you have a sense of accountability when you sit to do your work in our virtual study room.

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These times have been difficult for all of us. With countries on Lockdown studying alone for many of us have been difficult hence we end up procrastinating; which credits us in the short-term but in long run it harms us. Here we are introducing study rooms to help you study where you are constantly motivated and can finish your work on time. Our team works round the clock to keep the rooms running. We would love to have your support!

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